Version: 3.6.0
Android version: 2.0 and later
File APK size: 28.2 MB
Developer: SCIMOB

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An exciting quiz 94% will not leave anyone indifferent. The main purpose of this entertaining quiz is to correctly answer the questions asked, and the main thing is to list 94 percent of the options for possible answers. If you are asked what to eat with bread? What associations will emerge in your head? Butter, cheese, sausage? Correctly! List as much as possible and collect 94% of the answers. Why it is necessary to download 94% on an android? The peculiarity of the quiz is that you need to guess the most popular answers that other players gave. After seeing the question, you can scroll the screen to the left and see how many options you should guess and what percentage of answers are required for each option. If you guess two options, for example, 10% and 40%, then you get 50% of the correct answers. But your goal in the game is to earn 94%, which is why guess all the answers. For the passage of the question, you will get the long-awaited star. Each level in the game 94% represents three questions, two of which are textual, and one picture. In the question-picture rules are somewhat different. The player has to guess the association of people, with the picture. Often, the answers are not related to the picture, such people have a fantasy. Each question gives to the arsenal 1 star and 15 coins. If you get all three stars per level, then the player will earn 20 coins. At the very beginning of the download of the game 94% of the android player will receive 600 coins. Do not rush to spend them, they will come in handy to you when logic and fantasy do not help you pass the level. In addition, for these precious coins, the player will be able to buy a clue. This can be the first letter of the answer, the number of letters common and others. The quiz offers a huge number of interesting themes for the game. Some of them are: the first lesson in the mornings, the animals that were born from the egg, which often requires repair? 94% on android is not without reason considered the best quiz. In this game, you not only have to think logically, strain your brains, but it is equally important to fantasize and show your wits and creativity. Demonstrate your wit and inexhaustible imagination. Believe me, some questions will make you think hard. Do not think, not always the options of the answers of other players are amenable to common sense. Download the exciting quiz by clicking the download game 94% on andirod and start guessing the levels saturated with words and pictures. Go as far as possible, collecting stars and coins. How to install a game with a cache How to remove ads in the application on Android How to rand an Android? Getting ROOT rights for android How to play 94% on the computer? Click to download 94% of the computer and read how to run the game on the PC.

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