The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout
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The Escapists 2 is a rather original simulator, where the main character is the criminal who planned to escape from prison. But in order to accomplish what you have done, you have to give him unbearable help in the form of solving puzzles, thinking through strategies, and of course in the very escape. Each level will represent its specific location, or the place of detention of criminals. All subsequent rounds will gradually become more complex, then increasing control, then increasing the level of protection. In order to go through each, you have to make a lot of effort and think about many options, and only then implement a unique way of escape. To find out what puzzles you will be offered, you only need to download The Escapists on android. Why is it worth downloading The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout on Android? The game also has a peculiar plot, you will not only have to think out and make an escape plan, but also stick to the prison schedule along with the main character. For example, every morning you must attend the roll call, otherwise the guards may be suspicious of something. Afterwards, go to breakfast, and to work, lunch, and so on. In addition to your personal actions, there will be camera searches by guards in the game, so you should always hide any prohibited items, otherwise they will be taken away. You are after such a punishment cell. Try to use the personal time of the hero with benefit, inspect how the guards move, where there are entrances or exits, as well as items useful during the escape. Consider the fact that during classes on simulators, the hero's strength increases, after watching TV, the intellectual level. If you download The Escapists on Android, you can learn how to make powerful materials from scrap materials, for example, using a simple bar of soap and a sock.
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