Portal Knights
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Version APK, MOD & OBB: 1.4.6
File APK size: 45,3 Mb
Languages supported by the app: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French
Android version: 6.0+
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Free space required: 430.99 Mb

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It's time to create your hero, able to repel the evil forces and become one of the best portal knights!

Why should I download Portal Knights on Android?

Are you tired of the ordinary world and want to add more variety to your life? Why not download Portal Knights android and plunge into an adventure world where not only the created character, but also the skills in conducting the battle of the player himself decides.

This is one of the most unique sandboxes, when only the user will decide where to go and what to do, simultaneously performing the assigned quests, saving people and destroying monsters.

The entire game world can be considered a single three-dimensional platform for tactical experiments. Travel between worlds, acquire new abilities, do not be lazy to use them in combat, adding the effect of surprise to the enemy forces flying on you.

Each hero will belong to one of the classes, which has its own special characteristics. For example, a warrior takes his brute force and the opportunity to raise heavy armor. The magician relies on his spells and must attack as quickly as possible, because in close combat he is practically powerless. For quick attacks and constant movement around the battlefield, it is better to choose a ranger with unsurpassed dexterity and speed.

In addition to standard combat units, from time to time there will be powerful bosses, which are not so easy to overcome, as one might think at first glance. It is only necessary to download Portal Knights on android, you will immediately need to start developing a unique strategy for defeating the enemy.

After long battles, there is nothing better than to come home, as best as possible to get settled on the couch and relax. By the way, the house will have to be created independently from all improvised means.
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