Bully: Anniversary Edition
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Bully Anniversary Edition is a game for phones and tablets running iOS and Android, in which you will play for an American schoolboy-hooligan.

Why download Bully Anniversary Edition on Android?

Initially, the game was developed by RockStar Games, which gave us a series of games Grand Theft Auto, but this game was originally released exclusively for personal computers in the early 2000's. Then there were not any gaming consoles and even more mobile devices. But after the release of smartphones and tablets, the capacity of which was enough to launch this game, the developers decided to port the game to phones and tablets running iOS and Android. Download Bully Anniversary Edition on android free of charge came out in mid-2016 and blew up the entire game market. Since many people played such a wonderful game on their PCs, but then everyone was happy that they now have games on their smartphones.

Download Bully Anniversary Edition on android for free you have to play for a school bully, who will have to manage and do various dirty tricks to everyone. You will have to fight back against hooligans, fight in the ring with other students, ride a taxi for free with a bunny. The game was surprisingly steep and high-quality. The graphics remained the same, which is very good, since everyone thought that the graphics would be cut. And then even the optimization was delivered with quality. On the management of the developers thought well and made a very convenient management, which can be customized for their needs.

Interesting features of the game:

    A great graphic component, which is very good;
    Support for all screens of different resolutions;
    Support for multi-user mode, where you can play with your friends;
    The ability to connect game controllers.

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